TRAKI is one of the newest and most modern canning factory in Bulgaria, put into operation in 2014, specialized in the production of high-quality canned and frozen fruits, vegetables and vegetable delicacies.

It is situated on property of 16000 m2 and consists of Storage and production department with total floor area 3568 m2, Administrative building with built up area 283 m2, Subsidiary building and Purification plant for the purification of the production and household wastewaters.
The factory is independent in terms of electricity and water supply, which ensures a continuous production process. The power supply is ensured additionally by own photovoltaic plant and production water is provided by an existing borehole. We have the most modern steam boiler in the country to produce high-pressure steam.

It is equipped with all necessary lines and facilities characteristic of food processing plant, enabling the production of variety of canned fruits, vegetables and ready meals, including client’s recipes.

Special attention is paid to the environmental protection. That’s why the production is ecologically oriented and the production waste is reduced to minimum and used for other purposes.
Through continuous investment in our employees and integration of high-tech processes we produce products of the highest quality to reach as many people as possible.

We have a highly qualified staff of engineers, technicians and specialists who monitor the quality of the purchased raw materials and implement production activities complying with the EU legislation. At every stage of the production process is performed strict control of the quality, compliance of the recipes and technology. The finished products are subjected to mandatory laboratory analysis.
The quality of our production is evaluated with international certificates IFS and EN ISO 22000: 2005.
We work mainly with local raw materials from own croplands and on the base of concluded contracts with approved suppliers. It is exercised a strict control of the chain ‘raw material – ready product”, which includes control of the croplands of the suppliers and control by the receipt of the raw material.
The fresh vegetables are treated in a gentle manner, so that vitamins, minerals and all valuable ingredients to be preserved.

For a short time the taste of our chutneys, appetizers and other vegetable cans managed to charm a lot of people and they became favorites of all ages and every home.
Keeping up with the market trends we have been producing Private label products for specific markets and store brands that enjoy high customer recognition
Part of the products we produce in catering packs.

Our main goal is to enrich your life with new and unique tastes, to bring health and many nice moments with our helpful and delicious food.